Smart facility management and analytics solution for office buildings, apartment buildings, construction sites, and more that provides a clear overview of operational overhead and wasted utilities

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Why digital facility management?

Reduce your environmental impact and the utility impact on the wallet with data-driven facility managent

Many important environmental factors are hidden from sight inside the big data of operational overhead. By collecting the right data and capturing the full picture of these factors with advanced monitoring and analytics, many new opportunities come to light that help you detect excess consumption and identify opportunities for improvement

Where Does the Data Come from?

The environmental data that we collect originates from different data sources

Real-time monitoring of systems

With the help of smart meters and sensors you can obtain highly detailed data on patterns for improvement and technical failures in your infrastructure

Smart meters for measuring water, energy and waste are connected to the software where the data is processed, stored and utilised

Features of HouseMaster

HouseMaster is all about looking inwards and seeing the details in energy usage, waste production, water usage and emissions. Get a real-time overview of critical operational aspects of the facilities required to maintain your business.


Energy Usage

Monitor electricity usage with high quality data and make sure that unnecessary waste does not go unnoticed. Use the dashboard to analyse energy saving opportunities


Waste Generated and Disposal

Monitor waste coming from your buildings and sites in real-time and in detail. Stream data directly from your waste disposal service and upload historic data and keep a close eye on where and when the different types of waste are coming from your assets


Fuel Consumption

Monitor fuel use at your buildings and analyse the environmental impact stemming from the use of fossil fuels. Stream fuel consumption data from the fleet directly from your service provider or upload historic data


Water Consumption

Monitor the flow of water through your buildings. Stream water usage of both cold and hot water from service providers or from your own meters and sensors. Use the analytics to discover the wasted consumption


Cost Analysis

Add information service and utility costs for individual meter or assets and get a real-time monitoring of costs incurred on each of your assets

Does HouseMaster meet my business needs?

The standard package fits facilities of every size and shape. Contact us for more information about how your facilities and assets can be connected

Our advisors have helped guide many organisations through the digitalisation of their facility management system. We can assist you collecting the data, setting up smart meters and train you in using the tool as efficiently as possible

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