Digital sustainability management that gives you a clear overview of your environmental footprint, while providing analytics for increasing efficiency and exposing wasteful practices.

Monitor your footprint


What Is Environmental Management?

Environmental management is a broad term and refers to organizational efforts for legal, operational and marketing reasons regarding an organization's environmental affairs.

Use the EnviroMaster to simplify and automate the process of calculating and accounting environmental impact


The Challenge

Managing environmental affairs requires that you collect, store and process huge amounts of data. This used to be done with time-consuming and costly manual labour

– until we made it easy...

EnviroMaster's Digital Methods

EnviroMaster allows you to make the digital revolution work for you and the environment. Connect to new sources of important environmental data and put your focus on actions and improvements.

Data Network


Share data with stakeholders as well as within the organisation

Integrated Coeffs


Integrated emission factors and methodologies for data processing

Reporting Tools


Standard reporting templates: ESG, MRV, ETS and many more



Analytical tools and monitors for spotting opportunities for reductions

Data Standardisation


Data is standardised and comparable between sources and assets

Internal dissemination


Sub-systems for every work unit in the organisation



GreenScreens with live-data for your staff and customers

Asset Management


Build your digital asset portfolio and connect it to live data

Where Does the Data Come from?

Digital environmental management requires a lot of high quality data. We have developed many methods of data collection and they are now at your disposal

Streaming directly from your suppliers

Klappir has partnered up with a large group of suppliers to create a digital ecosystem for sharing, analysing and reporting environmental data in a standardised and organised method.

Suppliers and vendors can share simple datasets through a single network and other organisations can get the data from the network and bring them to action with EnviroMaster.

What Can You Monitor with EnviroMaster

We collect data for you in the most detailed way available. This allows your to monitor the environmental impact of every single asset in real-time



Calculate your emissions based on detailed and accurate source data. EnviroMaster tracks the footprint of a single asset, a group of assets and the entire organisation


Waste Generation and Disposal

Monitor the quantities, frequency and location of your waste discharges and track your waste all the way to its final resting place. Our integrated emission factors calculate the climate impact from every single discharge


Fuel Consumption

Monitor all fuel purchases for your vehicles, ships, airplanes, and tanks. Stream data from your service providers in real-time and analyse opportunities for reductions in costs and environmental impact


Energy Usage

Monitor the energy use in your buildings and facilities. Stream data from your electricity meters in real-time and analyse opportunities for reductions in costs and environmental impact


Water Consumption

Monitor the flow of water in your buildings and facilities. Stream water usage of both cold and hot water from your water meters. Use the analytics to discover the wasted consumption.



Monitor air travel and employee commute. Collect and standardise data from different travel services and get the transport footprint from every single trip you and your employees take



Monitor the environmental impact of your import and export. Collect and standardise data from different freight services and get the freight footprint from every single cargo movement

Does EnviroMaster Meet My Business Needs?

Whatever the industry or the size, digital environmental management with EnviroMaster is the way forward for your organisation

Our advisors have helped guide many organisations through the digitalisation of their environmental management system. We can assist you comply with environmental legislation, increase your operational efficiency and support your green branding with hard data

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