Measure and manage your environmental footprint and create a strong infrastructure for environmental accounting and sustainability reporting.

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In a Nutshell

Your organisation no longer needs to manually collect, process and store huge amounts of data to measure, manage and report on your environmental performance. EnviroMaster, a cloud based SaaS solution, simplifies the process, and provides an improved approach to environmental management, accounting and reporting. EnviroMaster gives you a clear overview of your carbon footprint, encourages successful resource management and offers a simple way of creating sustainability reports.



Collect data

Use API's to collect data automatically in real-time from service providers. Increase data resolution by streaming data from your smart meters. You can also bulk upload data with accessible CSV templates.

Klappir EnviroMaster supports most types of activity data that influences your environmental footprint, including electricity, water, gas and fuel consumption, waste generation and transport.

Account for carbon emissions

Account for both direct (scope 1) and indirect (scope 2 & 3) emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our emission factor database is constantly updated to ensure that calculations are as accurate as possible.



Create digital asset twins

Create a digital twin of your assets, including entities, buildings, vehicles, and machinery. Assign consumption data to assets or asset groups and start monitoring and comparing. 

Analyse your impact

Use powerful analytical tools to analyse consumption and spot opportunities to reduce wasteful practices. Switch between a visual, detailed and transaction based view.

Measure performance

Import operational data, set goals and make use of KPI’s to measure performance.



Generate sustainability reports 

Once your data has been imported into EnviroMaster you can easily create sustainability reports with our inbuilt generator. Make use of customisable templates that have been designed in accordance with recognised standards such as GRI, UNGC, Nasdaq ESG and more. 

Share information efficiently

Create sub-systems for your operational units and efficiently stream information up and down your organisational structure.

Increase transparent

Share information on sustainability performance with employees and customers through our green screen solution.

We have an excellent team of consultants should you need further assistance with sustainability matters, such as reporting or resource management. We also offer free courses to get you started.

Get started today

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, EnviroMaster offers you an improved way of sustainability management, accounting and reporting.  There is no reason to wait. Start revolutionising your approach to sustainability today.

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