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Our sustainability platform helps you monitor and manage your environmental footprint and sustainability.

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Klappir offers a complete environmental and sustainability platform with the tools and support you need to increase your sustainability and decrease your environmental footprint and sustainability risk.

Measure and manage your environmental footprint

EnviroMaster simplifies environmental accounting and sustainability reporting for businesses, organisations, and municipalities. The solution transforms operational data into environmental information for an overview of your organisation’s environmental footprint.

Customer Success Stories

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On-Board Registrations and Legal Compliance

Eimskip uses digital logbooks to better manage their environmental data

Between 2015 and 2019, Eimskip's carbon footprint decreased by 14,2%, a direct result of the focused effort to reduce emissions, which included the digitisation of on-board registration and legal compliance.
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10. December, 2020

Klappir’s First Best Practice Seminar - Environmental and Climate Issues

On the 9th of December 2020, Klappir hosted an online best practice sharing seminar. The aim was to provide practical information on how companies can systematically reduce their environmental impact.
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2. December, 2020

Klappir Best Practice Sharing Seminar

Wednesday, 9 December, Klappir is hosting an online best practice sharing seminar. The aim is to provide practical information on how companies can systematically reduce their environmental impact. The best practices are shared by our customers who have confronted certain issues and how they did it. Leaders from Ölgerðin, ÞG Verktakar, Arion Bank, Össur and Eimskip will each give a 10-15 minute...
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24. November, 2020

Klappir and Iskraemeco win first prize in Climathon Ljubljana

Throughout history, cities have been a key driver of change and innovation. But today, they play one of the most important roles in the climate crisis battle, by adopting multiple solutions to mitigate the risks and achieve carbon neutrality.  The City of Ljubljana, together with the CER, a Partnership for a Sustainable Economy. organised a climathon to look for bold ideas for tackling global...
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5. November, 2020

Advancing to the cloud from a spreadsheet

The aviation industry has had a very difficult year. We all know why. What you may not know is that many airlines and airports have spent 2020 learning how to increase efficiencies and minimize waste in order to survive this draught. Improving the use of smart technologies like IoT, automation and cloud infrastructure are the keys to the future success of the aviation industry. In fact, even in...
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The Klappir workshops are designed to get our smart environmental platform users up and running quickly.

The workshops are designed for any user who needs some basic training to more advanced users who want a little extra assistance. What are the first steps? How do you create an environmental statement or an ESG report? What is risk management and how does it relate to environmental management?

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